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We are currently recruiting and building a paint dealer network for Insuladd.org for Sunconomy (authorized distributor for the Texas and Louisiana market). Hear this interview with Larry Haines, President of Sunconomy explain this opportunity:  Cinchcast Podcast Interview (an audio podcast interview that explains how you can take advantage of this product in your market).

What is Insuladd?

Insuladd is a NASA based technology that was used on the space shuttle to reduce heat transfer on the shuttle fuel systems.  Temperatures would reach in excess of 3,000 degrees upon leaving earth.  This science enabled NASA engineers the ability to recycle its fuel tanks because they were coated with a protective lightweight ceramic barrier that insulated the tanks from the heat transfer that normally burned up the fuel tanks. Now, a group of private business people realized that this product could benefit home owners, commercial enterprises, and others by safely helping them to reduce their energy consumption, saving them money and providing for more comfortable living and working environments.

I am a qualified painter (I have been in business over 3 years), how does this help me?

You and your company can introduce this product directly to home owners or business entreprises.  We have several options from one house to hundreds of houses or commercial buildings (i.e., primers, roof coatings, paints, and additives in bulk or individual).

  • We help train your team
  • We help market this product to generate leads
  • We provide marketing materials (i.e., tear sheets, PowerPoints, videos, social media, promotional strategies, etc.) to generate business opportunities
  • We develop a referral network for our best trained and active dealers
  • We ship the product directly to your business
  • You enjoy mark-ups on the product and the service
  • You have happier clients
  • You make more money!

To become a dealer, please sign up at this link:  Sunconomy Dealer Link (product available in bulk)

We are currently targeting commercial building business owners, see this incredible video (before and after):

Here are a few marketing ideas you can use after we train your staff on the product:

  • Direct mail your existing customers
  • Call your customers to let them know about this product
  • Run Google Ads to promote your company and this product
  • Use the marketing tools we provide to help generate interest
  • Offer this product as an “upsell” on an existing or planned jobs (your client will save money in the short and long-run with Insuladd)
  • Hold “lunch and learns” where you educate your buyers on the product (for large orders)
  • Start your own fan page on Facebook for this product (we can help you)
  • Find clients who can be testimonials for this product for you in specific key neighborhoods
  • Call the media and tell them what you are doing with this product
  • Share a success story with us and we can share it with our “followers” and on the web
  • And more!

Here are a few more materials to review:

Insuladd Powerpoint Sunconomy

Our current press release being distributed now (8.24.11):  Insuladd Press