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Sales and marketing are two separate functions.  Many companies make the mistake of dumping the “marketing” function on the sales member or the “sales” function on the marketer.  Sales people are very different from marketing people, but they need each other.

Our company is focused on selling models, utilizing the best-in-class marketing principles to our advanatage.  We are available to serve you by project, by phone, by retainer, and/or shared revenue.

We are prepared to talk to you today about how we can develop a unique sales engine to serve your needs and financial objectives.

We would like to schedule a brief conference call with you today!  From there, we schedule an in-office meeting with you or your team to learn more about your company (a $500 value), submit our proposal and recommendations for your review and action, and then we start making things happen!

How we help our clients:

  • Indentifying target market and leads lists

  • Write telemarketing scripts

  • Cold-call and warm-call leads (we know people)

  • Arranging for client conference calls and in-person meetings

  • Professional representation at networking or business events

  • Sales representation

  • Writing and producing your sales messages in video or audio (let the tech work for you 24/7)

  • Producing PowerPoint tools and digital resources to help others to discover your market position and unique selling proposition

  • Develop one-sheet presentation briefs for pitches

  • One-on-one or team sales training

  • Lead management and customer retention

  • New product and service development

  • Pricing strategy

  • Sales automation

  • Transaction optimization

  • Search strategy to create an on-line sales engine

  • Help you plan a sales team event to motivate your organization (we have access to stars, musicians, and speakers)

  • Develop referral models

  • Customer appreciation

  • Event scheduling (we help call on clients to ensure RSVP’s for important events)

  • Compensation structure

  • Sales team recruitment

  • And more!