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We enjoyed the 7th Annual Houston Business Expo by Houston Networking News!

We are prepared to help you after the show to make contact with the people we met at the expo and help you convert those contacts into sales, strategic alliances, or joint ventures!  Visit the mall concept coming soon at (we can help you get placed if you were at the expo).

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Listen to an after show discussion with R.D. Yoder, President of Houston Networking News on “Business Networking and You” which aired on CBS Radio 650AM.

Part 1:  R.D. Yoder with Kevin Price of “Price of Business”

Part 2:  R.D Yoder and Kevin Price (continued)

Part 3:  R.D. Yoder and Kirby Lammers, President of EBC Broadcast

Part 4: R.D. Yoder and Kirby Lammers (continued):

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** We will be posting updates periodically at this link about the expo.